5 Laser Toner Cartridges For High-Quality Printing

Laser toners have become quite popular in the printing industry. They offer numerous benefits that are too good to be ignored. So, no matter you own a small business or are a high-end firm, you must look forward to buying laser toner cartridges at 123ink.ca. The guide below will take you through the list of 5 premium-quality laser toners. But before that, you must develop the basic idea about the benefits of laser toners.

Benefits Of Laser Toners

Laser toners are gaining tremendous popularity because of the following benefits.

  • They offer a very high yield that substantially reduces the printing cost per page
  • Laser toners come in a powder form. The powder remains unaffected by heat and humidity for 2 long years
  • Laser toner powder quickly dries out upon printing
  • Printing speed per page is high and the toner becomes smudge-proof post printing
  • The text and graphics quality by laser toners is very rich

5 Unmatched Laser Toner Cartridges For Professional Use

Now that you know why laser toners are becoming popular, it’s time that you also learn which ones are the best options.

  1. Brother TN 760 Compatible Black Toner Cartridge

This laser toner gives an astounding yield of 3000 pages/cartridge, bringing down the printing cost per page to as low as 0.7 cents. It offers full compatibility with the printers from Brother – DCP series, Brother – HL series, and Brother – MFC series.

  1. Brother TN 730 Original Black Toner Cartridge

This marvelous OEM toner by Brother offers a yield of 1200 pages/cartridge and the cost/page is 4.6 cents. It is compatible with Brother – DCP Series printers, Brother – HL Series printers, and Brother – MFC Series printers.

  1. Canon 045 1242C001 Compatible Black Toner Cartridge

The page yield by this toner is 1600 pages/cartridge and the printing cost/page is just 2.9 cents. In other words, it’s economical. Besides, it offers compatibility with printers from the Canon – ImageClass Series.

  1. Canon 051 Compatible Black Toner Cartridge (2168C001)

This laser toner prints high-quality ultra-clear text and images. One cartridge can print 1700 pages easily and when compared to the price of the cartridge, the printing cost per page comes out to be 2.9 cents only. Furthermore, it shows compatibility with the printers from the Canon – ImageClass Series.

  1. Compatible HP 202X CF500X Black Toner Cartridge

One cartridge of this toner can print 3200 pages. And the cost of printing/page is 2 cents. It has deep rich pigments and is compatible with printers from the HP – Color LaserJet Series.

About the Author: Paul Petersen